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About Me

I  am Sarah, Owner of SMA Design Inc, A Professional Interior Designer With Over 15 Years of Working Experience

Sarah is an award-winning interior decorator recognized internationally as a design leader.

I have been an Interior Design company for over 15 years.

SMA Design Inc. provides Interior Designs that range from modern to traditional, sophisticated to casual.

We pay close attention to all details, composing elegant, quality interiors, anchored always by the unique taste and lifestyle of each client.

In collaboration with associated trades and other professionals, I personalize each space to suit my clients needs.


Ever walked into a room that had that “WOW” factor? All it takes is a good eye, years of experience in the industry, and the drive to turn a room into one you’ll never want to leave. Since 2000, I’ve been designing spaces with my creative and professional approach, and helping clients bring life back into their living spaces in the process! From picking out the right furniture to creating a floor plan that outlines your overall vision, I can do it all at an unbeatable price.


As your personal interior designer, I provide expert guidance throughout the whole design process and work closely with you to understand what you want.

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